A real time prescription monitoring (RTPM) system provides medical practitioners with accurate and timely information regarding their patient’s medication history to help them make more informed clinical decisions at the point of care.

Real time prescription monitoring systems play a key role in reducing the growing harm associated with misuse or abuse of controlled medicines.

National Data Exchange (NDE)
The National Data Exchange is a commonwealth government initiative to allow Australian state and territory jurisdictions to provide real time prescription monitoring for their clinicians, The NDE will ingest and distribute prescribing and dispensing information from all states and territories to prevent cross-border drug shopping abuses.

Progressing as a federated model, with jurisdictions adapting their regulatory systems to the NDE, the individual states and territories are responsible for ensuring appropriate regulations are in place to enable RTPM, and the controlled medicines list will be different for each jurisdiction.

Fred IT Group (owner of eRx Script Exchange) was appointed by the Victorian Department of Human Services in November 2017 to develop the state’s first real time prescription monitoring system, called SafeScript.

SafeScript launched in the Western Victorian PHN in October 2018 as part of a phased rollout across Victoria. The platform will utilise real time prescription data captured via the electronic transfer of prescriptions through Medication Knowledge Pty Ltd to monitor high risk medications including schedule 8 and codeine.

In 2016, 372 Victorians died from prescription medication overdose. SafeScript will enable health professionals to deal with this growing problem by providing them with an accurate and up to date picture of a patients prescribed and dispensed medication history. This clinical data will help pharmacists and GPs to identify and support patients who are at risk.

Visit the Health Victoria website for further details on the SafeScript RTPM system.

Medication Knowledge Pty Ltd
Medication Knowledge Pty Ltd is a joint venture between eRx Script Exchange and MediSecure. It will provide a single means of securely delivering prescription and dispense data to the Victorian SafeScript real time prescription monitoring system.


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