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More than 90% of Australian pharmacies are registered with eRx Script Exchange forming part of the foundation of community pharmacy in the movement towards a connected healthcare system.

eRx is already installed in every major pharmacy software program in Australia, so getting started is easy, simply register and activate.
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Why use eRx?
  • Improved patient safety
  • Faster and more accurate dispensing
  • More time for your patients
  • 7CPA Compliant
  • Independently audited for privacy and security
  • Part of your existing clinical software
  • No spyware or scraping technology
  • No new software or hardware

What is an ePrescription?

Whilst prescription information has been transmitted electronically via eRx for over a decade, the legal document has remained the signed piece of paper. An ePrescription changes this so that the legal document becomes the prescription data which resides in the prescription exchange. Whilst the patient remains in control of who can access their prescription, the signed piece of paper is no longer required. It’s important to remember that this new type of prescription is an additional option for patients who can still elect to receive a paper prescription if they wish.

ePrescription orders with the click of a button!

eRx electronic prescription tokens now include a button to help patients pre order prescriptions from their chosen pharmacy for later collection or delivery.

Patients can simply open their token and click the green button for a range of options for submitting scripts electronically including via the MedView Flow network of 3,700 participating  pharmacies with MedView Patient Connect

  • How can I get this prescription deispensed?
  • Manage your electronic prescriptions remotely
  • Medication apps & Services

ePrescriptions simplified

Our solutions can assist you to easily manage all incoming electronic and paper prescriptions in your pharmacy.

The cloud-based tool can be used with any dispensing software and is available FREE of charge for up to 5 devices in each pharmacy.

Flexible script ordering for patients

  • The in store mobile app for faster queueing by your pharmacy team
  • My Script List (MySL) registration and access
  • Remote ordering from their token or MySL for pickup or delivery

Join the MedView Flow network of 3700 pharmacies today!

ePrescription ready with MedView Flow

How is an ePrescription transmitted?

The electronic prescription is transmitted from the doctor’s prescribing system to the prescription exchange in an encrypted format. Once the legal prescription is in the exchange the patient controls which pharmacy can access it in one of two ways. The first option is for the patient to receive a “token” for their prescription and the second option is for the patient to register for  My Script List , an active script list (ASL).


The patient can elect to receive their electronic prescription token via SMS, email or paper printout for each item prescribed. Once in possession of their token(s) the patient can present this to their pharmacy of choice or submit to them via SMS, email, or a medication management service or app. The token provides a link to a unique code used by the dispensing pharmacy to access the legal document for dispensing. If the patient has any repeats of a prescription, a new token will be sent to them when the prescription is dispensed.

Due to COVID-19, SMS costs are are being subsidised by the Government until June 2022. After this period, costs will be passed onto pharmacies & practitioner vendors.

My Script List

The My Script List (MySL) active script list enables a patient to authorise pharmacies, doctors and third-party intermediaries of their choice access to a personal digital list of their current prescriptions and repeats. This patient-controlled access can be ongoing or for a short period of time and is obtained simply via an SMS or email to the patient or their carer. Once granted access, a pharmacy may dispense the electronic prescriptions requested by the patient directly from their My Script List. Similarly, doctors and third-party intermediaries, with patient consent, can view the active list of scripts.

Now available across Australia

My Script List is a FREE service that supports patients to easily manage their current medications. This option removes the need to receive separate electronic prescription tokens and repeats and puts an end to prescriptions being lost.

Benefits of MySL

Benefits of the MySL active script list for your pharmacy and patients

Preparing your pharmacy for ePrescriptions

  • For further information on ePrescribing download FAQ for Pharmacies
  • Ensure your pharmacy is registered and has eRx activated in the dispensing software.
  • Advise your patients on how they can best manage their ePrescriptions and submit orders to your pharmacy
  • Provide your patients withinformation on My Script List and assist them to register.

Use our simple checklist to assess your pharmacy’s readiness across three key areas: ePrescription requirements, supportive technology, and eHealth connectivity.

Our guide can help with your pharmacy's ongoing preparations and management of ePrescriptions.

Further ePrescription information

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What our customers think

  • “eRx allows my practitioners to send prescriptions electronically directly to the patient, so they instantly have their prescription. It saves admin time faxing and posting, and allows us more time to focus on helping our patients.”
    – Char MacDonald - Abermain Surgery and NSW/ACT AAPM Committee Member
  • “We love using eRx. It’s great when those barcodes come through, scanning them makes dispensing so much easier. eRx improves patient safety by reducing transcription errors which is important to us.”
    – Alex Keipert - Pharmacy Owner - Mudgee NSW
  • “I commend eRx and ePrescriptions, as it has reduced my workload of printing a minimum of over 100 scripts every week, in addition to having to sign each script twice and having to handwrite the details of the S8 scripts. Also the Real Time Prescription Monitoring (RTPM) has helped in checking the status with restricted scripts.”
    – Dr Mario Fernando - Principal GP at Lima Medical Pty Ltd, Bendigo VIC
  • “Just a note to tell you how happy I am with eRx and ePrescriptions. When I scan prescriptions all the information is immediately there and it saves so much time. Also, ctg scripts are caught, (which often get missed as I notice from repeats we get from other pharmacies), which allows us to provide a more efficient service to our customers.”
    – Glenna Hinschen - Proserpine Pharmacy

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