eRx Script Exchange is Australia’s largest health information exchange and a key enabling infrastructure for ePrescribing.

2Over 23,000 doctors, 90% of pharmacies and 28 vendors connected to eRx

For over a decade the eRx Prescription Exchange Service (PES) has provided a secure and safe transmission of paper prescription information between doctors and pharmacists improving the quality and safety of medication provision in Australia.

From 2020 eRx will also be transmitting ePrescriptions…

What are ePrescriptions?

ePrescriptions are now a legal alternative to paper prescriptions meaning once the upgraded infrastructure has been rolled out patients will have the option between receiving an ePrescription or the traditional paper prescription.

  • ePrescriptions will use the existing electronic script infrastructure and prescribers and pharmacies will need to be connected to a PES, currently eRx or Medisecure to transmit.

  • Prescribing and dispensing software vendors will need to implement the compliance requirements into their software to legally supply and dispense prescriptions without paper documents.

  • Patient choice is the key component to ePrescriptions, doctors will not be able to select where the ePrescription is sent, the choice remains only with the patient.

  • ePrescribing will gradually roll out from early 2020, there will be an extended transition period where both ePrescriptions along with traditional paper prescriptions will need to be managed in the pharmacy workflow.

How do I prepare for ePrescribing and ePrescriptions?

Doctors, practice managers and pharmacies should ensure they are registered and have eRx activated in their existing clinical software.

Pharmacies can also checkout our eHealth readiness guide to start preparing their pharmacy now, as well as nominate doctors not currently connected to eRx.


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