More than 90% of Australian pharmacies are registered with eRx Script Exchange forming part of the foundation of community pharmacy in the movement towards a connected healthcare system.

eRx is already installed in every major pharmacy software program in Australia, so getting started is easy, simply register and activate.

Why use eRx?


  • Improved patient safety
  • Faster and more accurate dispensing
  • Cost neutral
  • More time for your patients
  • 7CPA Compliant
  • Independently audited for privacy and security
  • Part of your existing clinical software
  • No spyware or scraping technology
  • No new software or hardware

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia actively endorses eRx Script Exchange, stating that-


  • eRx improves safety and efficiency of the prescribing and dispensing process
  • eRx does not support prescription channelling and therefore avoids ‘moral hazard’ for health professionals and maintains the patient’s choice of pharmacy
  • The sale or supply of bulk de-identified patient data is restricted
  • The technical service standards and performance of eRx are approved and monitored by the Guild
  • The eRx business model can rapidly deliver an e-prescription solution nationally to all pharmacists, GPs and specialists
  • eRx will maintain paper scripts in the process until it can be confident no Australian will be disadvantaged by the move to a paperless prescriptions
  • To demonstrate that community pharmacy is committed to driving innovation in the health sector