What is eRx Script Exchange?
eRx Script Exchange is an Australia-wide internet based gateway allowing prescriptions to be sent electronically and securely between doctors and pharmacists. eRx was developed to improve patient safety by ensuring that the information on your prescription arrives at the pharmacy exactly as the doctor intended.

Why are eScripts important?
Electronic prescriptions reduce the chance of error during dispensing, which means greater safety and confidence that you are receiving the right medication at the right time.
You will have a better health care experience overall, as a result of improved coordination and management of care between GPs and pharmacies.
Advances in eHealth technology, such as eRx Script Exchange, are an important step in managing the growing health care costs in Australia.

What happens?
Your doctor will print a paper prescription as normal, however you will notice it now contains an eRx barcode. At the same time, the prescription information is sent securely to eRx Script Exchange. When you visit your pharmacy to collect your medication, the pharmacist will scan the barcode on your prescription and your script information will be brought down from the script exchange, accurately and safely.

Is my information secure?
All of your personal and medication information is locked with three levels of encryption so that it is completely private and secure. Only your doctor and pharmacist can see your information.
eRx acts as an “electronic postman” and is not able to decrypt or see your information.

Can I still choose which pharmacy I go to?
Yes, you can take your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice. The majority of pharmacies in Australia are connected to eRx, however if the pharmacy you visit does not have eRx they will dispense your medication manually.

Do I have to pay?
No, eRx is free for patients.

What information is sent?
The electronic prescription contains the same information as the paper prescription, plus some extra information about the drug itself to help ensure that the correct medication is dispensed to you.

Will my data be provided to anybody else?
With your consent your information will be provided to MyHR and MedView. Once consent is given, your records are stored securely in a national repository. As a consenting patient you have the right to opt out at any time and healthcare professionals will no longer be able to access and manage your medications information. 

Can I choose not to have my prescriptions sent to eRx?
Yes. If you prefer to not have your prescription information sent via eRx Script Exchange, please speak to your doctor or pharmacist.

Click here to download pdf of eRx Patient and Customer Information