“I LOVE eRx Express. I am having lots of fun with it!! Have just had my 83 year old customer send me her 7 scripts from her iphone!”

– Fiona Wailes, Owner Kofoeds Pharmacy, Newport, Victoria.

“Just a note to tell you how happy I am with escripts and the Winifred program. When I scan escripts all the information is immediately there and it saves so much time. Also ctg scripts are caught,( which often get missed as I notice from repeats we get from other pharmacies), which allows us to provide a more efficient service to our customers.”

– Glenna Hinschen – Proserpine Pharmacy

“We love using eRx. It’s great when those barcodes come through, scanning them makes dispensing so much easier. eRx improves patient safety by reducing transcription errors which is important to us.”

– Alex Keipert Pharmacy Owner – Mudgee NSW

“If every script has an eRx bar code (and believe me the system works) then everyone wins. Biggest of all is patient safety. Go and work in a country area where every town in a district has got on board (Doctors and pharmacies) and see what a difference it makes. I can dispense 200 scripts and only have to manually type 20 scripts in certain areas. Bliss! Doctors can trace adherence too!”

– David Haworth Pharmacy Locum

“Got my GPs sorted ages ago and life is good. Yes I know, these things are easier in the bush (think about that).
Even better is the number of outside repeats that are now coming through with eRx barcodes. Had 2 tourist coaches in just last week at about 15 minutes to closing time with 9 patients presenting 34 outside repeats for dispensing. About 80% were eRx barcoded and ALL scanned perfectly and we breezed through at our own pace WITHOUT a hitch and WITH 110% customer service/ counselling, etc. Everyone got the undivided attention of a pharmacist and everyone was happy and we rang off the tills at 3 minutes past. One big lovefest – bloody brilliant!
eRx is NOT a ‘nice to have’: it’s a productivity/ Quality Care/ commercial ‘must have’. IMO if you’re not doing eRx you’re deliberately intent on commercial ruin and have no-one to blame but yourself and, if you’ve deliberately turned it off, you dead-set need your head read. Honestly folks: in the short run this will save your life and your marriage and in the long-run it’s as big a technological change as computerised dispensing. Get with it. Or die.”

– Peter Crothers – Bourke.