eHealth is the collection, management, use, storage and sharing of patient healthcare information using technology.

My Health Record

My Health Record (MyHR) is a secure online summary of a patients medical history, stored and shared in a network of connected systems. MyHR will bring together key health information from a number of different systems and present it in a single view, making it easier for healthcare providers to access clinical information and make informed treatment decisions.

The patient will have access to their MyHR and will be able to add their own notes to their record. The patient will also have control over which healthcare professionals can view and add information to their record.

eRx Script Exchange is a key enabler of delivering medications information instantly to a patient’s MyHR. By using eRx Script Exchange, you are contributing to building your patients combined list of prescribed and dispensed medications across GP, Pharmacy, Hospital and Aged Care settings.


 is a cloud based platform for healthcare professionals and patients, providing tools to support the provision of medications management, patient management and professional services.

Powered by eRx Script Exchange, MedView provides the unique ability to consolidate medications information in a single medications list and to perform services such as medications reconciliations to help provide better health outcomes.

The use of MedView is strictly based on patient consent. Patients who give permission will have their records stored securely in the MedView repository. Healthcare professionals can then access this information on their desktop PC and mobile devices.