eHealth is the utilisation of technology to enable safer and more efficient healthcare to deliver better patient outcomes. 

A Prescription Exchange Service (PES) provides a secure and safe electronic transfer of prescription (ETP) information, between doctors and pharmacists. It is a key enabler of delivering medications information instantly to eHealth systems such as My Health Record (MyHR) and real time prescription monitoring (RTPM).

Are you eHealth ready?

With national initiatives on the way including ePrescriptions and real time prescription monitoring, now is the time to ensure you and your pharmacy are prepared for the new era of eHealth. Use our simple checklist to assess how eHealth ready your pharmacy is across three key areas:

Readiness to implement new technology or processes easily by maintaining modern and up to date IT systems and software.

Level of connectivity to electronic records and the latest tools available.

Your team’s active engagement with eHealth tools and services.

How to prepare your pharmacy 

eHealth readiness guide

Assessing your pharmacy’s technology, connectivity and team will prepare you by optimising current tools as well as implementing new technologies and processes as they become available.

To find out how to prepare your pharmacy, checkout our guide to help you become eHealth ready.



Preparing for ePrescriptions

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