eRx Script Exchange certificate update required before 19 December 2018. 

eRx Script Exchange uses a number of electronic certificates to ensure secure data transmission. One of these certificates is due to expire on 19 December 2018 therefore to avoid any interruptions to your eRx functionality, please ensure you carry out this update anytime from now, and prior to 19 December 2018. 

The update needs to be run on the computer that has the eRx adapter installed and may require administrator privileges. To update the certificate, please follow the instructions.

eRx certificate update utility (click to download).exe

If the above download file does not work, please download the following .zip file:
eRx certificate update utility (click to download, then unzip and run).zip

If you have any concerns or issues running the update, please contact eRx support on 1300 700 921 or contact your software vendor support.