eRx Certificate Update – 17 February 2014

eRx Script Exchange uses a number of electronic certificates to ensure that data transmission is secure and that only the intended recipient can open messages. On Monday 17 February 2014, one of the certificates that eRx uses will expire. This certificate needs to be updated in order for eRx functionality to continue working. Please note that this utility can be run before 17 February to avoid any issues.

If eRx stops working on Monday 17 February 2014, please download and run the utility to update the certificate:

  1. 1. eRx Certificate Update Feb 2014 – Instructions
  2. 2a. Download eRx certificate utility (exe version – try this first)
  3. 2b. Download eRx certificate utility (zip version)

The utility needs to be run on the computer that has the eRx adapter installed, and may require administrator privileges.

We have created a eRx Certificate Renewal Update Troubleshooting to assist with any issues, or please feel free to contact eRx or your software support number for further assistance.