CERTIFICATE UPDATE for eRx – Action required before 17.2.14

All eRx users need to run an important update

Click here erx.com.au/certificateupdate Takes less than 1 minute to complete.

eRx uses a number of electronic certificates to ensure that data transmission is secure and only the intended recipient can open the transmission.
On Monday 17 February, one of the certificates that eRx uses will expire. This certificate will need to be updated in order for eRx functionality to continue.

eRx has worked with your dispense vendor to make a utility available on our website, which quickly and easily updates the new certificate.

The eRx Certificate Update Utility must be run any time before Monday 17 February in order to keep eRx working.

The eRx Certificate Update Utility can be downloaded from erx.com.au/certificateupdate.
Please ensure you download the utility and run it on the terminal installed with the PBS Online client.

If you encounter any issues with this, please call eRx on 1300 700 921, email support@erx.com.au, call your software vendor support number.