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GPs sending 1 million eRx scripts every week

Doctors have now achieved a milestone of one million new prescriptions being
uploaded to eRx Script Exchange each week, with more than 13,000 doctors sending eRx scripts every day.

This milestone came as eRx was formally recognised by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) as a provider of ETP (electronic transfer of prescriptions).

According to David Freemantle, General Manager, eRx Script Exchange, “These milestones recognise the importance of eScripts and eHealth to quality care. Every GP script that is uploaded to eRx contributes to the robustness and accuracy of medicines information at the dispensing end, reducing the potential for health misadventures and underscoring professional and patient confidence in the efficiency and accuracy of our health processes.”

“We are very pleased to be working with the RACGP as a recognised ETP provider. The leadership and participation of both the medical and pharmacy professions has been vital to advancing eHealth. The bedding of eScripts into quality care programs such as the ePIP as well as into the 5th Community Pharmacy Agreement has been integral in extending the safety and accuracy benefits of eRx to as many patients as possible.”

These milestones follow ongoing discussions with RACGP as part of eRx’s commitment to optimising its functionality for doctors and pharmacy. With the commencement of interoperability between the two recognised ETP providers in January, this new prescription information becomes immediately available to all pharmacies regardless of which ETP provider they use. eRx’s national network of more than 3,200 pharmacies guarantees more of the doctors’ electronic scripts are dispensed every week.

For further information please contact eRx Script Exchange on 1300 700 921.

Dispense Notifications temporarily disabled following request from RACGP

eRx Script Exchange has disabled all dispense notification messages from Wednesday 13 March 2013. This is as a result of a request from the RACGP to both Prescription Exchange Service providers. The dispense notification service has been stopped centrally at eRx Script Exchange. Please disregard notification consent prompts if they appear in your clinical software, as regardless of your request the notification will not be received. Future updates of your clinical software will provide prescription notifications via a modified format and details will be provided when available.

Please note that this change only affects dispense notifications, and that scripts can still be downloaded and dispensed by pharmacies. There is also no impact on ePIP eligibility.

If you have any further queries please contact eRx Script Exchange on 1300 700 921 or

eRx announcement 12 March 2013

AAPM joins forces with eRx

The Australian Association of Practice Managers (AAPM) is partnering with MedView and eRx in recognition of their importance to Australia’s eHealth future.

National President of the AAPM, Brett McPherson, said “The AAPM is joining the MedView project and endorsing eRx because of their integral role in Australia’s eHealth future. MedView represents a tremendous advance in medicines management, and ePrescribing is a vital link in the secure sharing of consented data required to achieve this. The practice management profession has a long history of leadership in healthcare management, and we now have a significant opportunity to dramatically advance medicines management and help shape Australia’s eHealth future.”

Read more about it here: eRx_AAPM_MedView_media_release


NPS to raise awareness of ETP

NPS to raise awareness of Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (eTP) as an important step towards improved medication management

In the coming months NPS will help raise awareness of Electronic Transfer of Prescriptions (eTP) as a tool for medication management, and will work with pharmacies and general practices using eTP to develop practical resources to facilitate uptake.

Click here to view media release from NPS: NPS_eTP_Media_Release_1_v2_8_20110908_FINAL