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Pharmacy incentives for using eRx – Update

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Australian Government have agreed to a new pharmacy incentive payment aimed to increase the use of electronic scripts. This is great news for eHealth in Australia.

The details of the incentive were sent to all pharmacies today. Pharmacies will directly receive the incentive payment if they use a ETP provider such as eRx and scan a minimum number of original scripts which we know as a % Scan Rate.

For further details see The Pharmacy Guild Media Release

QR codes now on most original scripts

Some great news from eRx’s Medical Software partners. QR codes now appearing on original scripts so patients can scan their scripts and pre-order through their pharmacy.

By the end of March, 99% of Australian GPs and specialists will be able to print QR codes. This means that, for the first time, patients all around Australia, from Hobart to Humpty-do, can pre-order their prescription medicines with their smartphone and avoid waiting whilst they are dispensed.The addition of QR codes gives doctors the ability to pass on a free service providing
According to pharmacist, Paul Naismith, CEO of Fred, “This will make it significantly more convenient for people to manage their prescription medicines. People are often trying to collect prescription medicines when they are unwell, dashing in at lunchtime, or with small children in tow.”“This makes the process much faster and easier for people who are juggling busy lives, who live a distance away from a pharmacy, are isolated in some way, or need the support of a carer to get in to a pharmacy.”“Saw our first original script with a QR code on it today. Fantastic! Our customers are finding it a real convenience. We’ve been promoting in store, making sure we give out the eRx Express brochures and explaining how to set it up.”
Glen Rose – Tenambit Pharmacist Advice Pharmacy

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