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New eRx Express video: Put a Pharmacist in your phone

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Smart phones are just that, smart. Sure you can make phone calls but think of all the other things you can do. It’s like there’s a team of professional assistants in there to help you. You can do your banking, get directions, organise a holiday, play games, listen to bands, and connect with friends. You can do anything from buying an airline ticket for a weekend getaway, to tracking your workouts, but what about your medicines?

You should be able to order a prescription just as easily as you can take a photo. It’s time you put a pharmacist in your phone with eRx Express. Then you can scan, submit and pickup your scripts where it’s most convenient for you.

Download eRx Express today and order your scripts anywhere anytime.

Pharmacies can download our videos for in-store use here.

eRx Express in Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Airlie Beach, Yeppoon and Gracemere

News of eRx Express in The Morning Bulletin

Smart phone app makes managing medicines easy

SMART phones can do almost everything these days, they can even manage your medicines.

Central Queenslander’s can access the new app eRx Express, that lets people scan and pre-order their script medicines wherever they are and whatever they are doing, for pick up at a time and date that suits.

The app is part of eRx Script Exchange’s national network which lets GP’s and pharmacist’s exchange electronic prescriptions safely and securely; and has been launched in pharmacies in Rockhampton, Bundaberg, Airlie Beach, Yeppoon and Gracemere.

Malouf Pharmacies’ Nicholas Malouf explained that with everyone so busy, the app will help reduce the burden customers experience managing their own medicines.

“eRx Express is a service that makes it easier for people to manage their medicines, and reduce precious waiting time,” Mr Malouf said.

“People can pre-order their prescription medicines and pick them up at a time that suits them; we expect this to reduce queue times for our customers and patients, and that means that we can spend more time helping people with their wider healthcare needs, which can only benefits the community,” he said.

The new app is suited for people who are busy, or who might need to plan a trip to a pharmacy, whether because they live regionally, are socially isolated, need the support of a carer, or have other complications.

eRx Express App FACTS

  • How to use the app in three steps.
  • Scan scripts, anywhere, anytime, using the QR code that appears on the prescription
  • Submit the script or scripts to the pharmacy
  • Nominate a pick up time and date to collect their medicine
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