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eRx Express in Sydney’s North Shore

Sydney’s North Shore Times reported on eRx Express at Greenwich Village Pharmacy.

North Shore Times_30 Oct 2013

Greenwich Village Pharmacy today launched the eRx Express app so that people in the area can order their scripts using their smart phone, making it easier to manage their medicines.

eRx Express is part of eRx Script Exchange’s national network which lets GPs and pharmacists exchange electronic prescriptions safely and securely. This new app means that customers can scan and pre-order their medicines for pick up on the day and time that they want.

Diana Boot, Pharmacist & Nutritionist, Greenwich Village Pharmacy, said “The eRx Express app is a great way for us to make collecting medicines even easier for people in the North Shore community. We expect it to be of real benefit for people who are busy, including those who work out of the area, as well as anybody who might need to plan a trip to a pharmacy, or need the support of a carer, or have other complications such as chronic health issues.”

“People are using their mobile apps for every aspect of their lives, from banking, checking the weather, connecting with friends, finding shops and services, and looking at real estate. Now they can now connect with us just as easily.”

“Ultimately, we expect this to mean less waiting time for our customers and patients, and that’s a real positive. Anything we do to make it more efficient and convenient means that we can spend more time helping people with their wider healthcare needs, and that can only benefit the community.”

“It’s also a further step forward in terms of providing the best possible safety for our customers. The app integrates directly into our dispensing software and into the national scripts network through eRx Script Exchange. This means that people’s information is handled securely and safely and it comes exactly as the doctor prescribed, which reduces the potential for medicine mixups.”

The free app has three easy steps for people:
• SCAN scripts, anywhere, anytime, using the QR code that appears on the prescription
• SUBMIT the script or scripts to the pharmacy
• PICK-UP at your preferred time and date

The paper prescription needs to be taken into the pharmacy at the time that medicines are collected.

Greenwich Village Pharmacy also delivers for free to the local area. The paper prescription needs to be presented when the medicines are collected or delivered.

eRx Express is a free new app for iPhone, Android and Windows smart phones. It can be downloaded now at the App Store for iPhone, Google Play for Android, and Windows Phone for Microsoft

eRx Express app – Now Live

National launch of eRx Express app for easier and more secure script ordering

eRx Script Exchange today launched eRx Express, a free app that for the first time allows people to order scripts by smart phone whilst also securely connecting with eRx’s national eScripts network of 15,500 GPs and 4,100 pharmacies.

To view the media release click here

eRx Express in Bit magazine –

New phone app promises “faster, smarter” prescriptions for pharmacies

A new phone app launching next week will allow users to order their prescription medicines using their phone, before picking them up from the pharmacy.

The new smartphone app, called eRx Express, is being launched by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, claiming that “enabling people to order their scripts using their smartphone will make it faster, safer and easier for people to manage their medicines”.

Your customers will still need to make a trip to the pharmacy however in order to pick-up the medication (there is no delivery option) and they will also be required to hand in their paper script as a means of verification. In theory, it will at least save them from having to queue up at their local Chemist waiting to get their scripts filled. 

Pharmacies that would like to participate will need to register for eRx Script Exchange prescription gateway service before they can use eRx Express.

See full article:,new-phone-app-promises-faster-smarter-prescriptions-for-pharmacies.aspx 

Pharmacy incentives for using eRx announced

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Australian Government have agreed to a new pharmacy incentive payment aimed to increase the use of electronic scripts. This is great news for eHealth in Australia.

The details of the incentive were sent to all pharmacies today. Pharmacies will directly receive the incentive payment if they use a ETP provider such as eRx and scan a minimum number of original scripts which we know as a % Scan Rate.

For further details see The Pharmacy Guild Media Release

eRx Express smart phone app to connect consumers to national eScripts network.

eRx Script Exchange announced today that it will launch its first smart phone app to connect consumers with eRx’s national eScripts network in October.

eRx Express is a smart phone application that allows customers to scan and pre-order their medicines from their regular pharmacy or other pharmacy of choice. The app works by scanning the QR code that will begin to appear on prescriptions, replicating the eRx barcode information on each script. Customers can then collect their medicine at a convenient date and time, safe in the knowledge that all privacy and safety issues are being addressed. Customers hand over their paper script at the same time that they collect, ensuring that all PBS requirements are met.

Read the full media release click here


GPs sending 1 million eRx scripts every week

Doctors have now achieved a milestone of one million new prescriptions being
uploaded to eRx Script Exchange each week, with more than 13,000 doctors sending eRx scripts every day.

This milestone came as eRx was formally recognised by the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) as a provider of ETP (electronic transfer of prescriptions).

According to David Freemantle, General Manager, eRx Script Exchange, “These milestones recognise the importance of eScripts and eHealth to quality care. Every GP script that is uploaded to eRx contributes to the robustness and accuracy of medicines information at the dispensing end, reducing the potential for health misadventures and underscoring professional and patient confidence in the efficiency and accuracy of our health processes.”

“We are very pleased to be working with the RACGP as a recognised ETP provider. The leadership and participation of both the medical and pharmacy professions has been vital to advancing eHealth. The bedding of eScripts into quality care programs such as the ePIP as well as into the 5th Community Pharmacy Agreement has been integral in extending the safety and accuracy benefits of eRx to as many patients as possible.”

These milestones follow ongoing discussions with RACGP as part of eRx’s commitment to optimising its functionality for doctors and pharmacy. With the commencement of interoperability between the two recognised ETP providers in January, this new prescription information becomes immediately available to all pharmacies regardless of which ETP provider they use. eRx’s national network of more than 3,200 pharmacies guarantees more of the doctors’ electronic scripts are dispensed every week.

For further information please contact eRx Script Exchange on 1300 700 921.